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Doing Spells

Building Walls

"But it burns!"

Spike stoically ignored the pitiful whining of his childe and continued to prepare to reapply the protective spell.

"Spiiike! I don't wanna do this..."

"Rather have that little red witch stick your soul back on then, would you? Rather spend your every waking moment seeing each and every face of those you've tortured, killed and dined on in the not-so-distant past?"

"No, Sire. Sorry, Sire." Xander sighed. "I know you only do it because you care."

"I do it cos you're mine, and that bitch aint getting you back. Now brace yourself, it's holy water finger-painting time."

Second Chances

Willow worked frantically over the glowing Orb of Thessula. She knew she only had a few more minutes. Her failure years before had only served to spur her on, strengthened her desire to 'save' her friend. Last year she'd finally figured out what magic Spike had used to stop the resoul spell dead in its tracks. She also knew that, every seven years or so, it faded and had to be renewed, and that took time.

She's watched, waited, tested every day and then, this morning...!

The Orb pulsed once and then exploded. She slumped. Seven more years. Poor Xander.

Have Faith

"Xander, luv, take your bloody cat out of your pocket. We won't be using Seven in the spell. It'll be easier to wait until we're there and then find a stray, and the same goes for the 'Tongue of Witch' as well. The Slayer's heart, well, that's a bit more complicated, yeah? Don't find many of those around LA."

"Not Buffy."

"She's The Slayer, luv. The one girl in all the world? That ringing any bells in your thick head?"

"Didn't I ever tell you about my night of lust with Faith, and how she tried to kill me afterwards?"