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May 17th, 2005

Helluva long time between updates, I know, but at last I can unveil the metric tonne of drabbles I've been busily writing and coding. The drabbles section has been divided up to help with navigation and organisation as there are about 70 new pages there. There's even a section for *gasp* non-Spander. Plus a special drabble page for all the baby!vamp!Xander drabbles I've been writing - almost 100 so far.

There are also new fics up - 'The Horbling Howler', 'Birthday Blues' and 'Let's Misbehave'. And let's not forget that 'Grungefic' has also been updated after an embarrassingly long interval.


Last minute addition: new site banner! I know a lot of you will recognise it as a greyscale version of my LJ banner, but still - new pretty!

December 24th 2004

Wow, it's been longer than I thought since I did this!

Part 8 and 9 of Grungefic have just gone up. As have fics called 'Seven Swans', 'An Unconventional Celebration', 'An Unexpected Gift', 'Halloween' and 'Halloween: Redux' and 'From The Ashes'.

Still to come, when I have time, are a cart-load of drabblefics and a few stand-alone drabbles and ficlets, including one about Angelus and one about Hyena!Xander that will both probably grow. Stay tuned!

Merry Christmas all!

October 11th 2004

Part 7 of Grungefic has just gone up.

October 5th 2004

Three new drabble sets have gone up today, based on the challenges 'Telling Secrets', 'Work' and 'Weapons'. The first two are rated 'G' but the last one is very definitely NC-17. As is the new standalone fic that's gone up entitled 'A New Experience', wherein Xander discovers he has a thing for spanking, thanks to our friendly neighbourhood vampire. Enjoy!

October 4th 2004

I'm putting up part 6 of Grungefic today so I can post to the lists. There is more to come, so expect another update soon. ;o)

September 15th 2004

Okay, today I've put up the latest two drabble sets, which can be found at the bottom of the page. One is G, the other is very NC-17.

I've also put up 'Moving On', a challenge fic which actually begins with Spike and Oz getting together, then Xander and Oz getting together, and ends with Oz getting Spike and Xander together. Confused yet?

And last, but definitely not least, I have finally put up the first five parts of Grungefic. It's set in S1, which means a barely legal Xander and an evil unchipped Spike. It might get dark, it will be NC-17 eventually, and it's kinda twisted.

September 3rd 2004

Well, finally, after what seems like forever, I am again in possession of a website. Here you will find all the stuff that was up on my old site, along with some work that I never actually got around to coding before. There are several drabble sets and fics that up until now have only ever been seen in my livejournal, and some manips and icons to drool over.

I have transferred the counter from my old site to this new one, as I do love seeing those numbers clocking up, and to reset to zero would probably break my heart. ;o)