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Rating: NC-17
A/N: In a slightly less than sober
conversation I managed to challenge
myself to write a 50 drabble, to prove
that it could be done. This is the result.

A Fuck in 50 Words

Fingertips, as light as feathers
Trace old patterns on cold skin
Slowly build up lust and hunger
Slowly transfer heat as well
Pinch and tickle, stroke and pet
Suddenly all's heat and wet
Have a nibble, give a lick
Lube and stretch and in there quick

Rating: PG
A/N: Written for Challenge #64, Poetry,
for the Livejournal Jossverse drabble
community Open On Sunday. A 100 word poem.

It can be read as being in the POV
or either Spike or Xander, but
don't ask me which one I wrote
it for, because it's so ambiguous
even I don't know for sure.

My Love

I lie beside you as you sleep,
and wonder if I'll ever be enough
to stop those ancient nightmares
as they creep
amongst the sweeter dreams you often tell me
over coffee, eggs and blood.

I know we are a most unlikely pair
the misfit and the monster
but we work

It started out as comfort,
mutual drunks and shared self pity,
but it changed
so slow we hardly even noticed
...till we kissed.

And then we played avoidance games
for weeks and weeks.
But now I lie here waiting for the man I love to rise.
My love...

Rating: NC-17
Dedication: For Kyrieane

Haiku 69

Head to tail they lie
Licking, sucking, swallowing
Coming together

Rating: PG
A/N: Written after I completed
Challenge #58, Books, for the
Livejournal Jossverse drabble
community Open On Sunday.
I wrote a series of 6 drabbles
that tell a story, and then wrote
this because someone read the first
drabble and wondered what the ode
mentioned therein would say...
You can find the drabble sequence here.

An Ode, To Xander.

That precious boy,
who holds my dead, unbeating heart in labour-callused hands;
That youth, no more a child,
who faces death at every dusk but neither shies away nor hides;
The man, full-grown,
Who still is but a child within his heart, so swift with loving;
My mate, blood shared between us both,
a bond no one could ever hope to break.
My one true love,
whose death will make me watch the rising sun with hope in heart;
That it might take this demon,
if not to heaven, mayhap to a lesser hell where angels visit,
That I might see again,
that precious boy, the man full-grown, my mate, my love.

                                                                                by William.

'An Ode, To Xander' has won:
 Shadows and Dust Fanfiction Awards
The Perfect Nummytreat Poem Award