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Open On Sunday Index
In April 2004 I joined a community at LiveJournal called Open On Sunday. Each week a 48 hour is challenge issued, around which drabbles can be written in the BtVS/AtS 'verse. I had never drabbled before in my life, but was immediately addicted. The results are listed here below, in date order.

Slash The Drabble Index
In November 2004, I became one of three moderators for a new community at LiveJournal called Slash The Drabble, specifically set up for slashy drabbles in any fandom.

Baby!Vamp!Xander Index
This is a collection of drabble sets written to challenges from both Open On Sunday and Slash The Drabble. They are non-linear glimpses into a 'verse where Spike leaves his lover Xander to go get that damn chip removed and then comes home and turns Xander to keep him forever.

Other Spander Drabbles
Sometimes I just drabble for the hell of it, or issue a drabble call at my livejournal so that people can give me drabble prompts. I don't tend to stick to the 'a drabble is 100 words exactly' rule when writing off-the-cuff like this so one or two may even qualify as ficlets.

My friend Literati, the co-owner of Slashverse, has fandom tastes which differ from mine own. Since the creation of Slash the Drabble, she has prevailed upon me to write her drabbles about not only other BtVS/AtS pairings, but also to write in entirely new fandoms. Occasionally I do, which is the reason for this final category.